Rapport: Impacts of eMTB Use on Trails

Rapport: Impacts of eMTB Use on Trails

Detaljene fra undersøkelsen “Impacts of eMTB Use on Trails” er tilgjengelig. Det er en såkalt “Class 1” elsykkel som er testet, disse har toppfart på 32km/t. Den europeiske varianten “pedelec” er noe tregere.


This study found that the impacts from Class 1 eMTBs and traditional mountain bicycles were not significantly different, while motorcycles led to much greater soil displacement and erosion. Observations suggest that Class 1 eMTBs may lead to more displacement under certain trail conditions. More research is needed before conclusions can be drawn regarding the environmental impacts of Class 1 eMTBs as compared with traditional mountain bicycles.

Understanding the potential resource impacts of Class 1 eMTBs is a necessary and important first step for formulating management strategies. Additional research is needed to further assess the range of environmental and social impacts for successful Class 1 eMTB use on public lands. IMBA’s initial study suggests that, with conscientious management and attention to trail design, Class 1 eMTBs may have the potential to offer a beneficial use of public lands with acceptable impacts.

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